About Us

Construction Services has been a family owned and operated business since its beginning in 1984 and we have been involved in it every step of the way. Ken heads up the sales and overseeing the crew and I am the office manager. Along with the construction we also own and rent self-storage units and we also have a metal art business, CS Metal Art Décor & Gifts.

Specialty building built by CS Construction Services

We, (Ken and Sue) have been married for over 30 years and we have two grown kids, Amanda and Andy. Amanda, Jake and our three grandkids, Santana, Memphis and Logan live in Minnesota. Andy, Britany and our three grandkids,  Kamren, Evelyn and Sawyer live in Wisconsin. We are blessed with a wonderful family!

Ken enjoys, in his spare time, being out on the water on his boat side-scanning for ship wrecks, deer hunting, and working in his metal shop. Sue enjoys, during her time off, cooking, gardening, volunteering for projects at her church, Bible study and most of all spending time with the grandkids and family!

How Construction Services Began

Ken’s dad, Ralph was a salesman for Menard buildings and there was a shortage of crews to build what was being sold. So in 1984 Construction Services was started to fill that gap. Ken and his brothers worked on the jobsites for years learning the trade hands- on.

Ralph decided to retire and Ken then started selling our own buildings and having our crew construct them. With this change we are much better able to keep better quality control over what we sell, and what you purchase, as one building will sell the next one.

Our son Andy has been out on the crew following in his dad’s footsteps learning the trade hands-on now too. Our hope is when Ken decides to retire that Andy will be ready to step in and take over and continue the tradition of keeping Construction Services a family owned and operated company.

With hands-on experience of learning the trade on the building sites we are able to guide you with first-hand knowledge with your building project. Our goal is always to have satisfied customers.

Since 1984 Construction Services has been designing and constructing post-frame buildings. Our office is located in Menominee, Michigan where you can come and talk face-to-face with the owners, Ken and Sue Mortinson. We will explain options in detail, you can view samples and pictures and receive a free quote. We are just a phone call or email away. From start to finish we are with you every step of the way providing a quality project that you are satisfied with for many years to come.

Each building is specifically designed and professionally engineered to meet, and may even exceed, the building code requirements in your area.

View warranty – fully insured and licensed – both Michigan and Wisconsin

Post-frame construction uses treated posts that are placed securely in the ground, (unless ground conditions prevent this method then an alternative method is used), the wood framework then goes up which includes, girts, purlins, trusses. Once all the wood framework is done 3′ wide metal sheets with 9″ on center ribs, or optional material, is applied to the outside of the framework. Every component of a post-frame building is designed to assure building strength, durability and attractiveness – and a building that is virtually maintenance free.

Almost an endless variety of post-frame buildings designed for virtually any purpose – home garages, storage sheds, homes, hunting camps, hobby workshops, shops, warehouses, industrial, self-storage facilities, offices, retail stores, business, churches, municipal, horse barns/riding arena’s, farm, car wash, aircraft hangers

Construction Services offers year-round construction with ready building site.